Vincent Sirugo has been a certified personal trainer, strength coach, and sports nutrition specialist for over 12 years. As the creator and owner of the Strength For Life® program and training studio since 2007, he brings a vast array of knowledge, expertise, and insight into achieving remarkable results in the areas of overall health, fitness and athletic performance.

Vincent’s dedication and experience in the study of human performance enhancement and weight management have led him to develop his unique training and nutrition program. His methods promote the development of functional strength, muscular balance, rapid fat loss and increased lean muscle within a shorter period of time for fast and efficient results.

Since being certified, Vincent has trained and consulted with hundreds of clients and created health and fitness programs for many health clubs, corporations, sports teams, and high schools around the GTA and across Canada. His clients range from competitive to non-competitive athletes, police enforcement, martial artists, physique competitors, and exercise enthusiasts.

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