Personal Coaching (one on one)
Working one on one with your very own personal nutrition coach will help you learn and apply a successesful performance nutrition program geared towards your needs and success. Whether your goal is fat loss, increased muscle, or to have more strength and energy, the Personal Coaching program will help you fuel and support your body through the challenges you face.
Partner Coaching (2 people)
The Partner Coaching program is geared towards training partners and couples, who have similar goals and interests in improving and supporting their health and performance with optimal nutrition.

Small Group Coaching (4-8 people)
The Small Group Coaching program is a great alternative to the Personal or Partner Coaching sessions if you have teammates, friends or family members with similar goals and interests. The program is designed with an educational lecture style format, which provides the group an opportunity to learn the program and create a nutritional system that will be right for each person’s goals and needs.


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