Personal Training (one on one)
  Personal Training is designed for your body, your needs and especially your success. Your own personal coach with an individualized approach is a powerful way to achieve all your specific health, fitness, and performance related goals.
Partner Training (2 people)
  Partner Training is the perfect training program for teamates, friends, and couples, to help motivate each other to achieve their best. Similar to Personal Training but with the added elements
of competition and challenge, make it a truly intense workout for each partner. Partner Training is a fun and exciting way to help each other push past your limits for maximum results.
Small Group Training (3-4 people)
Small Group Training is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with motivation that comes from being part of a team. Since the ratio of member to coach is smaller than your typical group class, this allows each member to fully benefit from the intsruction and progresssion given by the coach, for a more intense, focused, and safe workout. Small Group Training is ideal for people who are commited to achieve results with the added support and encouragment from a team, to help you stay on track towards attaining your fitness and performance goals.
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